Father's day gift - electronic balance

Source of information:Shanghai Yueping Date:2016-7-31 

Father is a retired teacher of the university of Chinese medicine, I do after retirement, always enthusiastic help some patients in the prescription of pharmacy, due to the patients themselves with medicine prices more expensive, and is relatively strict, so his father always use the flat scales to weigh ratio, average household is generally not match the "luxury", but my father has a very old mechanical balance, one over ten thousand time with for a long time, unavoidably affect accuracy, but also mechanical balance, the ratio of all a medicinal materials often take a long time, coupled with the father's eyesight is not very good, also weigh reading error will be some error, do the children always advised him, can't do don't do it! But my father always said, everyone is not easy, can help a bit is a little bit. In this way, we won't be able to say.
Few days ago, is probably in April, went to a weighing apparatus, the exhibition saw a zhuo fine one over ten thousand of electronic balance, then we'll try it once, feel is good, they said the father, have intention to buy a give yourself and chatted with simple and technicians, and then later gave a card to the balance of sales staff members. In early may, the electronic balance of the sales staff contacted me, at that time I moved, the main reason is a little busy recently for a period of time, forget the things, thanks to his contact, I was able to smoothly when father's day fast to bought the electronic balance as father's day gifts to the father.
Father open the packaging of electronic balance, and, after reading the instruction manual electronic balance, electronic balance for the installation and debugging. Then you said to me, good, useful, so that I can help more people again, also said a sentence to me thank you! At that time, my eyes are wet!
Original father do most is to help you weigh one called AZD9291 powder, the powder is mainly has the function of lung cancer, because the price is expensive, 1 gram to more than 1000 yuan, so be patient to dose distribution, according to his condition for capsule filling, so we must use the electronic balance, only in this way can the limits to ensure the accuracy of each dose.
The flat electronic balance as a special gift to her father for father's day.

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